The Law Firm provides legal services with an emphasis on the protection of rights in the public interest and the protection of human rights especially in the following fields:

Court disputes

A substantial part of the agenda of the Law Firm Kolíková& Partners, s.r.o. is to represent clients in court proceedings. Our standard practice is to represent clients from the pre-court stage (out-of-court settlement), through proceedings before the general courts, the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic up to proceedings before international bodies of human rights protection, including proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights.

Fundamental rights and freedoms

We act as a law firm with an emphasis on human rights and fundamental freedoms, which are generally based on the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and on the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, thanks to the invention and expertise of the founding attorney-at-law, Mária Kolíková. Where possible, we support our argumentation in court proceedings by the constitutional relations of basic legal norms. Because it is common to encounterinherent imperfections of legal regulationsin practice (conflicting legal norms, incompleteness of legal regulations, deficiencies in laws), constitutional argumentation is not only appropriate but also necessary. In every case, we seek to identify the constitutional basis of the right claimed by you and hencedevelop and professionally support our joint efforts toward succeeding in the proceedings. This approach allows us to bring legal principles to your casesas the presumption of a just court decision.

Administrative law

We provide counselling and representation in administrative proceedings, whereby we acquire experience from representation in several fields of work of public authorities (tax proceedings, minor infringement proceedings, spatial planning proceedings/building proceedings/final inspection proceedings, disclosures of information, mining law, proceedings related to the protection of health and safety). In our cases, we emphasise respect for the law in the public interest and the protection of the related environment.

In effect, we have provided legal services from the date the Law Firm was established not only in proceedings concerning the rights of our clients before public authorities but also in subsequent court proceedings, known as administrative justice. This concerns a range of situations, for example if a state body failed in its duty to treat you as a party to administrative proceedings (e.g. building proceedings); if, as an entrepreneur, youwere fined by a tax office, a regional public health authority, the Office for Public Procurement or other public authority bodies; if you feel powerlessas a participant in administrative proceedings because the administrative body is inactive in your matter. In these and other instances, we are ready to represent you (claims against inactivity on the part of public authority bodies, their unjustdecisions, claims in the field of alien law or in matters regarding local government authorities). This field has become especially close to the hearts of our lawyers and accordingly we devote our time to following current developments inlaws, regulations and court decisions.

Commercial law and corporate law

We are professionally and technically equipped to provide you with complex legal services for all stages of your business enterprise:

  • setting up a company, its alteration or transfer of business share;
  • submissions to the Commercial Register
  • preparation and annotation of contracts;
  • provision of legal counselling in commercial relations;
  • registration in the Register of Public Sector Partners;
  • assistance with the collection of receivables through appropriate electronic reminder and distrainer proceedings;
  • dissolution and liquidation of the company.

Civil law

We are fully competent in the professional protection of your rights in civil and family matters due to our current background knowledge and ongoing study. We provide legal services in relation to the preparation of contracts but also in disputes related to the protection of personal rights, compensation for damages, surrender of unjustified enrichment, fulfilment of contracts, in consumer and neighbour disputes and, last but not least, in matters related to the contact of a parent with children as minors or the determination of alimony payments.

Labour law

We provide legal services in the field of labour relations, the representation of employees as well as employers in labour disputes, also legal counselling in non- dispute agendas, seeking solutions and balance in labour relations. We have participated in complex processes of organisational changes of employers, during which we fully covered the individual steps, including communication with representatives of employees as well as adjustment of the employer’s  strategy with regard to possible claims of individual employees when offered a change of job position (planning and preparation of individual scenarios for the case of acceptance orrejection of the job position proffered).

Criminal law

Representation of victims and protection of their rights in criminal proceedings. Defence of personsaccused of criminal activity in pre-court proceedings (before the police investigator) as well as prior to proceedings before the court. Legal services in the area of criminal law also include the preparation of analyses concerning assessment of potential criminal accountability of persons and also providing counsel in pressing charges.

Third sector

We provide legal services and legal counselling not just in the establishment and dissolution of civic associations and foundations, but we also work closely with them throughout their operation. The Law Firm prepares legal analyses and professional basic documents for the activities of a number ofwell-known non-profit organisations. We should also mention the representation of non-profit organisations, their members or clients, before public authority bodies or courts when seeking to protect their rights.