Administrative law

We provide counselling and representation in administrative proceedings, whereby we acquire experience from representation in several fields of work ofpublic authorities (tax proceedings, minor infringement proceedings, spatial planning proceedings/building proceedings/final inspection proceedings, disclosures of information, mining law, proceedings related to the protection of health and safety). In our cases, we emphasise respect for the law in the public interest and the protection of the related environment.

In effect, we have provided legal services from the date the Law Firm was established not only in proceedings concerning the rights of our clients before public authorities but also in subsequent court proceedings, known as administrative justice. This concerns a range of situations, for example if a state body failed in its duty to treat you as a party to administrative proceedings (e.g. building proceedings); if, as an entrepreneur, youwere fined by a tax office, a regional public health authority, the Office for Public Procurement or other public authority bodies; if you feel powerlessas a participant in administrative proceedings because the administrative body is inactive in your matter. In these and other instances, we are ready to represent you (claims against inactivity on the part of public authority bodies, their unjustdecisions, claims in the field of alien law or in matters regarding local government authorities). This field has become especially close to the hearts of our lawyers and accordingly we devote our time to following current developments inlaws, regulations and court decisions.