Fundamental rights and freedoms

We act as a law firm with an emphasis on human rights and fundamental freedoms, which are generally based on the Constitution of the Slovak Republic and on the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, thanks to the invention and expertise of the founding attorney-at-law, Mária Kolíková. Where possible, we support our argumentation in court proceedings by the constitutional relations of basic legal norms. Because it is common to encounterinherent imperfections of legal regulationsin practice (conflicting legal norms, incompleteness of legal regulations, deficiencies in laws), constitutional argumentation is not only appropriate but also necessary. In every case, we seek to identify the constitutional basis of the right claimed by you and hencedevelop and professionally support our joint efforts toward succeeding in the proceedings. This approach allows us to bring legal principles to your casesas the presumption of a just court decision.